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HQE has completed a number of complex, multi-million dollar projects. The highlighted projects below have additional details. Click on the links for more specific information.

I-80 HOV Lanes/New Turner Parkway Overcrossing
BART A-Line North & South Seismic Retrofit, Alameda County, CA
I-80/Ashby Shellmound Interchange, Emeryville, CA
San Francisco Bay Bridge Program Management
Fremont Grade Separation, Fremont, CA
I-238 Widening Project, Alameda County, CA
Route 238 Corridor Improvements, Hayward, CA
Rt. 84 Feasibility Study, Fremont/Union City, CA
Rt. 84 PSR Project Management, Livermore/Pleasanton, CA
Santa Clara County Measure B Program Management
I-580/San Ramon Road Interchange, Dublin/Pleasanton, CA
I-580/Vasco Road Interchange, Livermore, CA
I-580/Fallon Road Interchange, Dublin/Pleasanton, CA
I-580/Hacienda Drive Interchange, Dublin, CA
I-580/Tassajara Road Interchange, Dublin/Pleasanton, CA
San Francisco International Airport Inbound/Outbound Ramps
Caldecott Improvement Project & Route 13/24 Bicycle-Pedestrian
Feasibility Study, Alameda and Contra Costa Counties

Pict; Car in Tunnel



I-80 HOV Lanes/New Turner Parkway Overcrossing, Vallejo, CA

HQE managed the Project Study Report for the I-80 HOV Lanes between the Carquinez Bridge and the Columbus Parkway (Route 37), the improvements to the Redwood Parkway eastbound off-ramp, and the new Turner Parkway Extension Overcrossing. The PSR is comprised of the following primary components: the I-80 HOV Lanes, Park-and-Ride Lot, improvements to the Redwood Parkway Interchange, reasons for eliminating the alternative for a new Turner Parkway Overcrossing/Interchange, and improvements at the Route 37/Fairgrounds Drive Interchange. Estimated construction cost is $120 million; $10 million R/W.

HQE’s Project Responsibilities:

  • Project Management/Administration
  • Geometric Approval Drawings
  • Design Exception Fact Sheets
  • Conceptual Approval (Caltrans)
  • Conceptual Modified Access Approval (FHWA)
  • Project Study Report
  • Coordination with Caltrans, FHWA, STA, Solano County andCity of Vallejo

Map; I-80 HOV Lanes Vallejo, CA

BART Earthquake Safety Program
A Line North and South; Station Retrofit on the A, C and R Lines
Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, CA

HQE provides the Lead Civil Engineer and is responsible for the Stage Construction/Traffic Handling components on the A Line North (viaduct from 19th Street in Oakland to the Bayfair Station in San Leandro.) The estimated construction value for this segment of viaduct retrofit is $90 million. HQE is also responsible for the Stage Construction/Traffic Handling for the A, C and R Line Stations (Fruitvale, Coliseum, San Leandro, Bay Fair, Hayward, S. Hayward, El Cerrito Plaza, and El Cerrito Del Norte in Alameda County and Orinda, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill and Concord Stations in Contra Costa County.)

The A Line South viaduct retrofit segment extends from I-238 in San Leandro to the Fremont Station in Fremont. HQE is responsible for the utility coordination/relocations for this segment. The estimated construction cost of the A Line South is $30 million.

HQE’s Project Responsibilities:

  • Coordination among disciplines (Civil, Structures, Electrical, etc. )
  • Stage Construction /Traffic Handling
  • Utility Coordination/Relocations
  • Storm and Sanitary Sewer Design
  • Water Design
  • Coordination with BART, Bechtel/HNTB, Caltrans, Cities and Utility Owners

Pict; BART Retrofit-A Line North and South
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I-80/Ashby-Shellmound Interchange Improvements PA/ED, Supplemental Project Study Report and Caltrans Value Analysis, Emeryville, CA

This $25M project proposes to modify the existing interchange in order to improve local access, relieve traffic congestion and improve safety. HQE prepared the Supplemental PSR that evaluated the Roundabout Alternative and obtained Caltrans and FHWA conceptual approval. This is the first Roundabout approved in Caltrans District 4 on an Interstate facility, and was completed in one year. The PA/ED phase is currently being led by HQE with project approval anticipated in November, 2007.

HQE’s Project Responsibilities:

  • Project Management/Administration
  • Roundabout Geometric Approval Drawings
  • Design Exception Fact Sheets
  • Conceptual Roundabout Approval (Caltrans)
  • Conceptual Modified Access Approval (FHWA)
  • Supplemental Project Study Report
  • Project Report/Environmental Document
  • Coordination with Caltrans, FHWA, ACCMA, Cities of Emeryville and Berkeley

Image; I-80/Ashby-Shellmound Interchange
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I-238 Widening Project, Alameda County, CA

The proposed project widens I-238 between I-580 and I-880 from the present 4 lanes to 6 lanes with auxiliary lanes between adjacent interchanges. Auxiliary lanes will be added along I-880 between I-238 and West A Street in the southbound direction and along I-880 between Hacienda Avenue and I-238 and in the northbound direction. Southbound I-238 will also be widened from
I-580 to Strobridge Avenue.

HQE’s Project Responsibilities:

  • Utility Relocations/Coordination
  • Sanitary Sewer Design
  • Hydraulic Analysis/Drainage Report
  • Storm Sewer and Grading Design
  • Erosion Control/Water Pollution Control
  • Signing and Pavement Delineation
  • Storm Water Data Report

Pict; I-238 Widening Project, Road Sign

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Route 84 Project Study Report, Livermore, CA

HQE was responsible for overseeing the preparation of and obtaining Caltrans approval for this PSR for the Tri-Valley Transportation Council (TVTC) and City of Livermore. Route 84 will be widened from two to four lanes from I-680 to Vallecitos Road, and from two to six lanes between Vallecitos Road and I-580. HQE’s responsibilities included design, schedule and budget oversight as well as ensuring coordination among Caltrans, the City of Livermore, the City of Pleasanton, Alameda County, the Alameda County Transportation Improvement Authority (ACTIA), and all members of the TVTC. The project has an estimated construction value of $120 million and will be built in several phases with a variety of funding sources.

HQE’s Project Responsibilities:

  • Project Management and Oversight
  • Caltrans Approval and Agency Coordination
  • Technical Reviews
  • Evaluation criteria oversight
  • Oversight of project phasing strategy
  • Presentations to TVTC

Map; Route 84 Livermore, CA

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I-580/San Ramon Road Interchange Improvements, Dublin, CA

The interim construction project included widening of northbound San Ramon Road from two to three lanes, modification to the existing four quadrant cloverleaf interchange by realigning the west bound diagonal off-ramp to a tee intersection with San Ramon Road, and installation of a new signal at the tee intersection. Median and roadway landscaping was installed along with the City of Dublin’s hardscape elements. The Ultimate Project approved in the PSR and PA/ED phase included the same modification on the Pleasanton side of I-580 and required FHWA approval for modified access.

HQE’s Project Responsibilities:

  • Preparation of PSR, PA/ED, and PS&E
  • Civil Engineering and Project Management
  • Utility Relocations/Coordination
  • Hydraulics Analysis/Drainage Report/Storm Sewer Design
  • Signals, lighting, landscaping,
    surveys & geotech
  • City of Dublin, City of Pleasanton, Alameda Co Flood Control, FHWA and Caltrans coordination
  • Obtained Caltrans Encroachment Permit for Construction
  • Construction Support Services

Pict; I-580/San Ramon Road Interchange Improvements

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I-580/Hacienda Drive Interchange, Dublin, CA

HQE was the Prime Consultant responsible for project management for preparation of PS&E, budget and schedule control, coordination with the City of Dublin, Caltrans, Alameda County, utility companies, developers and consultants. The project consists of widening Hacienda Drive to provide three left turn lanes into the proposed development; adding one through lane on southbound Hacienda Drive; widening the westbound I-580 on-ramp for use by High Occupancy Vehicles (HOV), and install ramp metering; widening the eastbound I-580 off-ramp to provide an additional left turn lane; signal modifications; retaining wall construction; grading and drainage modifications; utility relocations; and right of way dedication.

HQE’s Project Responsibilities:

  • Project Management and Geometric Design
  • Utility Relocations/Coordination
  • Storm Sewer/Retaining Wall Design
  • Coordination with Dublin, Pleasanton, Caltrans, County
  • Process PEER/Obtain Encroachment Permit
  • Construction Support Services

Pict; I-580/Hacienda Drive Interchange, Dublin, CA

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I-580/Tassajara Road Interchange Improvements Dublin/Pleasanton, CA

HQE was the Prime Consultant who provided Project Management responsible for interim widening of Tassajara Road to eight lanes in the ultimate configuration to accommodate rapid development occurring in the East Dublin area. The initial project constructed left turn lanes, provided signalization, and re-striped the roadway to allow access to the approved Koll Site in the northwest quadrant.

HQE’s Project Responsibilities:

  • PEER and PS&E
  • Geometric Approval Drawings
  • Drainage Analysis and Report
  • Design Exceptions
  • Utility Coordination
  • City of Dublin and Caltrans coordination
  • Construction Support

Pict; I-580 Tassajara

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Caldecott Improvement Project & Route 13/24 Bicycle-Pedestrian Feasibility Study, Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, CA

HQE performed bicycle-pedestrian facility feasibility studies for Caltrans and the ACCMA to determine potential non-motorized improvements in the Route 13/24 interchange area. The purpose of the study was to identify improvements to existing bicycle-pedestrian routes, explore grade separated crossings from Tunnel Road to Lake Temescal, and identify alternatives to move bicyclists and pedestrians between Alameda and Contra Costa County along the Route 24 corridor. Optional improvements were evaluated as to feasibility based on potential environmental and operational issues as well as cost.

HQE’s Project Responsibilities:

  • Project Management
  • Identifying Alternative Routes
  • Cost Estimate Ranges
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Coordination with ACCMA, Caltrans
    and local user groups
  • Responding to Comments on the
    Caldecott EA/EIR
  • Reviewing Alameda and Contra Costa Countywide Bicycle Plans

Image; Caldecott Improvement Project

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